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New Year Dhutanga 2548 B.E.

New Year Dhutanga

Dec. 30, 2004 - Jan. 2, 2005

New Year Dhamma's practice for the great happiness of our lives.

Fulfilling the best thing for our life on the New Year day deserves our valuable chance to be born as a human being, a Buddhist, and knowing Vijja Dhammakaya. Factually, the value of one life is up to his devotion to gain merit and practice one's self to reach the triple gems insight. Moreover, one should be a Kalayanamitra who brings the shining merit to the people of the world and help others to attain the highest goal of life.

Joining New Year's Dhamma course (Dhutanga) at the Grand Meditation Stadium (Maha Rattana Viharakod), the great place around the Dhammakaya Cetiya, is an important opportunity for us to practice Dhamma and be the Kalayanamitra to invite our relatives and other people to do the best thing for accomplishing in the good things they wishes throughout the year and ... forever.

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