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Almshouses for Victims of Nepal

Almshouses for Victims of Nepal

The Dhammakaya Foundation Delivers 150,000 Liters of Drinking Water to the Affected Victims of Nepal and sets up Almshouses to offer Meals and Necessities

Nepal, 5 May 2015: Phra Sanitwong Wuttiwangso, the Dhammakaya foundation’s Director of Communications Organizations Department, stated that since the 1st of May up until 5th of May 2015, the Dhammakaya Foundation led by Phra Thepyanmahamuni (Luang Por Dhammajayo) have offered 150,000 liters of clean drinking water to Nepal earthquake victims, and have set up almshouses to prepare meals and Relief shelters to distribute wound cleaning kits and equipment for temporary shelters such as tents, sleeping pads, plastic pads for tent building, and blankets for the homeless locals. 

In addition, the Dhammakaya Foundation is in the process of dispatching 10,000 survival bags, weighed approximately 20,000 kilograms in total, to assist the earthquake victims in Nepal. Each survival bag contains protein cereals, fragrant rice and Ready to Eat Meals (MREs), medicine such as painkillers and antidiarrhoeals, waffles, biscuits and face masks.   
‘Once the team visited the victimized locals in the remote affected areas, we realized that shelters and drinking water were desperately needed. So we immediately organized for clean drinking water to be supplied to the locals - especially in the areas where help has not arrived or is lacking’ stated Phra Sanitwong.  

For the last 5 days, the Dhammakaya foundation team led by Venerable Tavorn Tharavo took turns to visit and assist the locals  in 14 villages and counties, namely Lalipur, Kirtipur, Khokhana, Rasuwa, Thecho, Bungamati, Thasi, Thaiba, Khumbari, Badegue, Hadegue, Dhading, Dharmasthali and Sunokothi. The team from the Dhammakaya Foundation will be building more almshouses in other villages that have not received enough Relief aid. 

‘Nepalese people are relatives of all Buddhists and are our fellow companions, even though the majority of the population is Hindu and only 9% of the population is Buddhist. However, the land is the birthplace of the Lord Buddha, and without that miraculous day he was born, it would be without us Buddhists today” Phra Sanitwong stated. 
‘Before the disaster, the Dhammakaya Temple organized the Mass Ordination and meditation events with over 1,000 Nepalese participants, under the Project called “Reviving Buddhism in once-Buddhist Lands”. We had many local volunteers come to assist us with the events. We also had help from staff sent by the Srisak kayasinghaviharn Temple in the Patan city. Thai and Nepalese people will never abandon each other’.   

For those who are interested in helping the Nepal earthquake victims with the Dhammakaya Foundation, please contact us at Klong Sam Subdistrict, Klong Luang District, Pathum-Thani or Tel: 02-831-1000

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