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Let’s Meditate

Let’s give ourselves a try. Firstly we must know the real nature of the mind. It is bright, clear and in the sphere form like a tiny crystal ball. Normally, the mind always wanders around. Let’s close the eyes and imagine that we bring the wandering mind to stop at the nostril, male is at the right, female at the left. The nostril is the first base.

Imagine that the tiny crystal ball of bright and clear is gradually move into the nostril and goes deeper to the second base and stop there for a while. The second base is at the corner of the eye (the tear-drop point), male is at the right and female is at the left. The technique is to open the eyes upward and then let close it again.

From the second base, imagine the tiny crystal ball gently moving deeper to the third, the forth, the fifth and so on until it reaches the sixth. Let’s stay at the sixth for a while before lifting it up a little distance to the seventh. Then it is at the right place, the centre of the body.

Is it easy enough?

Yet, let’s try the other technique of Luang Pu.

Another Approach to the Centre of the Body

The other technique of marking our centre of the body is to imagine that we cross our body by two white threads -- one is from the navel straight back to the spine. The other is from the right side through the left. The two white threads make a crossing point inside. And from that point, draw a line perpendicular up at the length of the width of two fingers lying on each other. The index is on the mid finger, as shown in the picture.

Yes, the seventh base is the centre of the body.

It is necessary only at the first time of meditation practice to explore the centre of the body. After that is only to remind of the point. This is the point to still the mind. And to still the mind is to remind of this point. It is the centre of the body.

It could be a point of a tiny star or a point of tiny crystal ball of bright and clear.

By doing this, the very stage of meditation, you are going to be the graceful islet among the ever-flowing ocean of life. Like the word of the Lord Buddha “The best thing to do is to take care of your own islet.” It is to state the mind at the station of stillness, the centre of the body.

And would it be easier, in the next meditation practicing by taking a deep breath in. At the deepest end of the breath inside, this will help you to confirm the existence of your own centre.

Let’s take care of our own islet at the gateway of the Middle Way.

Being always at the centre of the body is always being at the door that opens to the true awakening.

Being still at the centre of the body is being ready for awakening.

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