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Kathina Ceremony 2012 in D.C.

Kathina Ceremony 2012 in D.C.


From the 1st till the 11th of November 2012, Wat Phra Dhammakaya D.C. organized an ordination program coinciding with  the 2012 Kathina  ceremony.

A total of 13 Thai, Lao, American, and Chinese men ordained. The hair clipping ceremony took place on Friday the 2nd of November. And the forgiveness ceremony followed on the next day. The ordination took place on 5th of November 2012 with Phra Kru Witheth-panyaporn being the preceptor monk for this ordination. Throughout their ordination, these 13 monks will practice and train themselves through meditation.

Announcement:  Kathina-Robe offering ceremony on Saturday 11th of November,2012 at Mark Twain Middle School.

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